Want homemade New Mexican food? Use Dolores’ Salsa products to make the most authentic New Mexican home cooked appetizers, snacks and meals. Just like mom!

The heat is what makes chile and salsa great! Dolores has a chile & salsa with the right heat level for everyone.

Fresh Ingredients to make Salsa


Chile heat is measured by using the Scoville Scale and is a measurement of the pungency of the chile pepper.

Mild heat is slightly spicy with all the chile flavor. Green chile, jalapenos, red, yellow and green peppers are used to flavor mild heat products. 

Medium heat has just the right amount of kick! Flavored with a hotter green chile and jalapeno than the mild heat. By far this is the best seller.

ACYACRAMBA! Love heat? Dolores’ hot products are for you. Hot heat is undeniably the best, heat infused with incredible flavor in every bite.

Oh Caliente! Extra hot is made with habaneros and other Hatch green chiles, especially mixed for the die hard heat lovers. 

OMG! Ghost chile is one of the hottest chiles in the world. This chile should be used with caution. 

Salsa, Red Chile, Green Chile, Jam, New Mexican food mixes


Salsa – A bold combination of chopped red-ripened tomatoes, fresh jalapenos from Hatch, savory spices, onions and garlic. Great dip for Dolores’ homemade tortilla chips, add to velveeta cheese for the best chile con queso or spice up your life and put it on everything.

Salsa Verde – This salsa is for the green chile lovers, just the right amount of spices will definitely send you craving more. A delightful mix of green chile and spices used to make all the traditional New Mexican foods that your mom made such as green chile stew, enchiladas, green chile chicken soup and breakfast burritos. 

Red Chile Sauce – Created for Dolores’ daughters after commenting that they didn’t have time to cook but wanted the homemade taste of authentic New Mexican cuisine. In answer to the girls’ dilemma Dolores created a delicious red chile sauce, ready to pour out of the jar. The girls can now make heavenly enchiladas, carne adovada, huevos rancheros, frito pie and red chile stew in just minutes.

Beans – The traditional accompaniment to any New Mexican meal. Dolores has 3 different types of beans – pinto beans, a great bean to make refried beans, black beans, rich in flavor and texture and deep in color, bolita beans come from Moriarty NM and are tastier and richer than the pinto bean. All three varieties of beans come with a chile packet for seasoning. So easy to make, put bag of beans in a crock pot, add 3 cups of water and red chile packet, cook on medium for 8 hours.

Mixes – Red Chile Adovada and Green Chile mixes are made from unique combination of dried Hatch chiles and spices used to make dips, sauces and marinades.

 Alien Salsa – Savory salsa made from hatch cayenne and habanero peppers and bold spices. When out looking for aliens, alien salsa is an excellent way to spice up your burrito!

 Alien Hot Sauce – New Mexican gourmet hot sauce made from Hatch cayenne and habanero peppers and spices. Use instead of ketchup on fries for a surprising new treat!